Monday, October 3, 2011

Post Summer Work

After a nine week summer tour I finally got to sit down and finish some new work. Here are a few picture of what I was up to the last 3 week before leaving again. 
This is a roof top workspace, in beautiful San Francisco. Unfortunately not the best place to work due to wind conditions. Wet paint, paper stencils and wind are a bad combination.

Got a new respirator, after 5 years. Bought the most exspensive one. So into it. 

Moved my operation from the roof to mom's garage, here is my finish pile. Most of these are on tour with me now being sold at the Dead To Me merch table. Some were sold in SF (Thanks Kyle!)
Detail of a weird fat face Deity. I like his ears the best but they don't on a 12' record. Recently I have been attaching multiple records together to get more surface area to paint. Painting on records rules because it is cheap and the paint sticks really well to vinyl. 

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  1. CaN U PLease bring some art to australia.Will it be for sale at the dead to me melbourne show?,as i would love to get me some.cheers brodie